Three Secrets To Create, And Attract Exactly What You Want

by LMckEnzie94 on July 31, 2012

Women become entrepreneurs so that they can create the businesses and lives of their dreams. They have a deep passion to pursue, and lives they want to transform, but unfortunately many find that there’s a gap between the goals they had in mind when they first began, and their current reality.

Would you like to “magically” attract your best high-end clients, design desirable products and programs, and land great speaking gigs, joint venture partnerships, and great spots on awesome telesummits? Imagine what your life would be like! Others are doing it and you can too!

Here are my three must-have secrets to creating, and attracting exactly what you desire in business:

1.    Are you set up to receive what you want?
Are you and your business ready for all the great things that you want to attract? Remember, opportunity favors the prepared entrepreneur. If you were to receive a high-end client today, do you have a program you could take them through? Do you have various payment options that you could offer them (Paypal alone is not enough)?

If you were invited to speak tomorrow, do you have a talk, or talk outline prepared? Have you set up a lead-collection “freebie” that potential clients can opt in for? Have you prepared for sales conversations with potential clients that come from your talk? Being ready with each of the above increases your chances of receiving exponentially.

2.    What do you say when you talk to yourself?
We all know that what we attract is a mirror for what’s going on inside us, and how we talk to ourselves is a true reflection of the experience we create on the physical plane. Do you ever find yourself saying (either out loud or to yourself) “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have enough clients”, or “my clients will never pay that amount”?

Many struggle with this and it’s a surefire business, income and opportunity killer. That sounds harsh but it’s SO true. Turn this habit around by taking stock of what you’re telling yourself and then commit to only using dialogue that supports you, and your desired outcome. If you catch yourself slipping up, yell “stop” and immediately reframe your sentence.

3.    Does your environment support your dreams and desires?
When you’re up-leveling or stepping into the next highest version of you, your environment is a key player in the success of your growth. It’s mandatory to clear and organize your space and remove anything that doesn’t lift you up and pull your forward, even if it means sitting in a sparsely furnished office. This is how you create flow and make the energetic room for what it is you’re attracting.

Addressing each of these will bring you closer to what you want in business.

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Gunvi Sund September 4, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Dear Lynn, it makes me so happy and grateful to read your valuable advice. For me it is invaluable.


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