Seven Keys to Creating Predictable Cash Flow (Part 1)

by admin on June 14, 2012

As a soul-inspired entrepreneur (yes that’s you!) is your income flow predictable, or is it left more to luck or happenstance? Must the planets align in auspicious design for you to: make the mortgage, pay your bills, and have a little left over for emergencies, never mind socking some away in savings?

This doesn’t have to be so. One of the biggest mistakes I see spirit-led entrepreneurs make is failing to create predictable, repeatable cash flow for themselves. I’m not sure if they figure that “left to chance it will all work out somehow”, or that they will “have to scrimp and suffer for a while until their business magically gets going”, or what! What I do know is that using this business model involves giving away your power with money, AND it doesn’t work.

It is completely possible (and VERY probable) to adopt a system that sets you up for consistent and predictable income, even if you’re self-employed. There are seven keys that are the back bone of that system. In this blog post, we’ll cover the first three:

1.    Clearly and concisely identify your ideal clients – there are specific clients that you were meant to serve, they are the ones who benefit most from the deep transformative work you do, and the ones that you love, more than anything, to serve. When you really narrow your focus down to this particular group, your business will flourish exponentially compared to when you were trying to serve everybody (with a really broad offering). Better yet, your ideal clients will be able to easily self-identify with your work and will be more apt to flock to you.

2.    Figure out how your particular brand of magic serves your ideal clients – your ideal clients have specific problems they want solved and it’s imperative that you determine what they are. I’m talking about problems so big that are keeping them up at night worrying. In my own business, I can clearly hear my ideal clients saying to themselves: “I need to make more money”, or “I need to grow my business fast”. Once you’ve figured out the problem (or pain) your clients have, determine how what you do solves it and then market it to them in a “benefits” oriented way.

3.    Create a kick-ass free offer – in order to get people to interact with you on the web in this day and age you must have a compelling free offer. It HAS to be hot, and something that makes your ideal clients think to themselves “I have to have this; it will help me to ______”. Spend time and energy on this, at least equal to what you would spend on something you’re going to sell, remember these are the people you’re going to be selling to so you want LOTS of them, and to get lots of them it’s got to be, well kick-ass. Once you’ve created it, assign a value to it, and be sure to mention the value on your website.

To be continued… I’ll cover the last 4 steps in my next blog post.

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Helen Madsen June 19, 2012 at 2:35 am

This is very useful information Lynn.
Thank you


LMckEnzie94 August 1, 2012 at 10:19 pm

Thanks Helen, it’s my goal to present much needed spiritual business information to my tribe.


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