Seven Keys to Creating Predictable Cash Flow (Part 2)

by admin on June 14, 2012

So on our last post, we covered the first 3 keys to creating predictable cash flow as a soul-inspired entrepreneur. Now let’s cover the last 4 keys:

4.    Build a database – once you’ve got your free offer in place you will need to have a way to collect the names of those who sign up for it.  A database of sorts, my preference is 1 Shopping Cart I like it because it’s not only a database but has many functions including a shopping cart, auto-responder, and way to send out newsletters (yes, you need one of them too). To make the most of your database, the people on it need to hear from you at least every 2 weeks. If you think that’s too much, trust me it isn’t.

5.    Create products and programs that are the answer the problems your ideal clients have – here’s where you can bring in your spiritual guidance and channel some fabulous information. Information related to your expertise that will help your ideal clients solve the pains and problems I mentioned earlier (the ones keeping them up at night). You can create these products very simply as eBooks, audios, videos etc., just don’t think too hard about it, just get going and create them! My motto is “done is better than perfect”. If you find yourself stalling because you feel like you haven’t got it perfected yet, know that is just your ego trying to keep you small. Remember, the world needs your special variety of magic and expertise, otherwise you wouldn’t have been gifted with it.

6.    Always be launching – I hate to be the one to tell you this but once you have your product or program ready to sell, people won’t be banging your door down to get it, in fact they won’t even know you have it unless you let them know about it in a BIG way. That big way is called a launch. A launch normally consists of sending out a series of emails or videos (and blog posts etc.) leading up to a free “preview call” that you design to introduce and sell your product or program. On this call you offer some great content but also offer your product or program at a reduced investment, for a limited period of time, usually with a number of juicy bonuses to entice buyers. This is pretty much how most online sales work. You can see why it’s good to “always be launching” as this is where you make your money.

7.    Follow a Mentor – the best investment I’ve ever made in myself, and my business, was to hire an impartial mentor. Someone who would challenge me to leap to places I didn’t know possible, someone who had gone where I wanted to go and done what I wanted to do and could offer me first hand advice along with some tough love when needed. Looking back on the times in my life when I didn’t have a mentor my business (and income) just flowed along at the status quo and more often than not that was struggle mode. When I compare those times to the times when I have had a mentor (like now and in the foreseeable future) my business is growing in leaps and bounds and I am thriving. I stretch myself daily and create awesome results for my clients and myself.

These keys are the backbone of a business system that works for soul inspired entrepreneurs. Of course you will want to use your spiritual guidance in your business but you want to be sure you’re applying it to the areas of a business system that’s proven to work. My coaching request for you is to use the keys above to map out your success plan for creating your predictable cash flow.

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