How to Accomplish Your Goals In Three Simple Steps

by LMckEnzie94 on October 11, 2012

Success seeking, soul-inspired entrepreneurs, who are actively growing their businesses, are faced with numerous challenges on a daily basis. Doesn’t it feel like every couple of hours you learn of something new that you must do to keep up with the ever changing world of business? Keeping up with social media trends and changes alone is enough to send me into a twizzle, never mind all the other areas of business that I have to stay on top of.

I was talking with a coaching colleague, Michael, today and he shared a formula with me that he’d recently been made aware of, he couldn’t remember the source, but I decided right then that I wanted to share it with you too. Mostly because it’s so simple, and will help you reach your goals quickly, but also because it really rocks!

Michael shared this formula with me because I had an area of my business that I wanted to up-level, in a hurry of course, and I was feeling somewhat stuck on how to go about it. When I applied this easy, three-step formula to my own situation, I got immediate clarity and my up-leveling literally became a done deal. I was thrilled and I know you’ll be too!

This formula will make life and business SO much easier. I invite you to use it anytime you want to create a breakthrough for yourself, but feel stuck, or can’t see your next steps clearly.

Here’s how to create your business breakthrough in three simple steps; ask yourself these questions:

What is the outcome I want?

This is the easiest part! What is your goal, what are the results you looking for, or where do you want a breakthrough? Perhaps you want to attract more clients, grow your email list, build a website, or learn to market online effectively. Or, maybe you need a mindset shift that will allow you to step up and play a much bigger game.

What’s standing in my way?

So often we can’t see the forest for the trees. Do you ever forget to ask yourself this question? I know I do. We can’t get to where we’re going if we can see the obstacles in our way. Spend some time on this one and be honest with yourself, and very specific.

Who has it figured out already?

I guarantee you that if you have a goal or are looking for a particular breakthrough there’s already someone out there who’s already got it figured out. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, your time and energy are much too valuable for that. Whoever has it figured out is the perfect guide or coach to help you do the same.

Use this formula to reach your goals and create your business breakthroughs, every time!


Are You Honoring Your Gifts?

by LMckEnzie94 on September 10, 2012

Each of us has divinely unique gifts and talents bestowed upon us, just waiting to be expressed. I call mine, my divine mission, or the highest expression of my soul. Some of us take longer than others to come into full resonance with our missions, and others find a way to express them much quicker, but I believe each of us came here to do just that. If you’re reading this article, chances are you came to express your mission through entrepreneurship.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to figure out our divine missions (something I help clients with all the time) to be successful, we then have to find a way to offer them up to the world, in an appealing package. Not just any package mind you, but one that solves a particular pressing problem for our ideal client. Sheesh!

Once we’ve got all that together, we’re off to the races, right? Not so fast! There’s one little niggling thing that MUST be in place if we’re going to be a success and that’s our money mindset. You may not have thought of this before but to truly honor your gifts, you have to have a money mindset that supports you and your goals.

So many of the spiritual entrepreneurs I coach struggle with:

  • Self-doubt and unworthiness
  • Undervaluing themselves and their gifts resulting in undercharging for the awesome transformations they provide
  • Pushing away, of holding lucrative opportunities at bay

Each of these is a way of dishonoring our gifts and when we remember that our gifts are divinely inspired, well, it’s downright blasphemous.

So how DO you break through these so you can make great money doing what you love? Here are 3 tips to help you honor your gifts, so you can step into the thriving business you deserve.

1. Learn the true value and impact of your offerings
The best way to do this is by looking at the greater impact your offerings have on the lives of your clients, and their families. You will be very surprised if you go deep with this exercise; I promise it will give you a whole new concept of your value.

2.    Learn to charge what you’re worth
Undercharging is the biggest way in which spiritual solopreneurs dishonor their gifts. If you were working for someone else, you’d be paid well by them, and they’d be charging their clients well for your services, so why wouldn’t your divinely unique gifts and talents be worth as much?

3.    Open to the universal opportunities that were divinely created for you
If you spot an opportunity, or one randomly drops in your lap, you are ready for it. Period! There are no buts. You may have to hustle your butt to make it happen, but that’s when the breakthrough and magic happens.

It is my wish that each of you step into a place of expressing your divine gifts in a way that is both lucrative and honoring of your worth and value.


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